A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Trash Panda is a game where you play as a greedy raccoon that sneaks into peoples homes and eat all of their food. Eat as much as you can and escape before time runs out!

Update History:

April 2018 - Alpha 0.0.4: IEEE GameSig Update.

December 2017 - Alpha 0.0.3 : Initial upload build.


TrashPanda Alpha 0.0.4.zip 190 MB


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Just found this little game, very cute!

I was really happy to see this got an update! I love the premise, and the game is really cute. Whenever I try to play with an Xbox 360 controller, left and right on the joystick are backwards, and for some reason it reverses left and right on the keyboard as well. I have to restart the game, move with keyboard first, and then the controls work fine. 

Cute, needs things falling over sounds and full gamepad support :)